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Antipodes is a Scientifically Validated Organic Beauty™ brand pioneering a new niche in skincare globally: certified organic and premium natural products with skin performance proven by science. Featuring revolutionary Vinanza antioxidants from New Zealand grown superfruit, nutrient-rich avocado oil, and anti-blemish manuka honey.

Producing certified organic skincare is important to Antipodes for two reasons:
We believe that organic skincare ingredients grown without chemical pesticides and fertilisers retain their highest possible bioactivity. In their most pure state they are the highest-performing and healthiest ingredients for your skin.
We favour using raw plant ingredients cultivated sustainably in organic orchards and fields, because production without chemical contamination is kindest to the Earth.

Antipodes is one of the few fully certified organic skincare producers in the world, making us a green beauty brand you can genuinely trust.

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